すずき ゆきひろ - Yukihiro Suzuki -


Born in Tokyo.
Studied industrial design as an undergraduate. Worked in the development and planning sector of a general merchandise firm, then employed as a graphic designer at a confectionery company. Currently active as an independent hand-made craftsman in several fields by the name of “Craftsman Suzuki Yukihiro” .

2002   ホビーイベント「C3」にてオリジナルロボットがグランプリを獲得。
Original robot wins a grand prix prize at hobby event “C3”
2003   ナイキUSAホワイトダンクショー参加、アートピース出展。
Exhibits art piece at Nike USA White Dunk Show
2005   表参道ギャラリーロケットにて個展を開催。
Holds a personal exhibition at Gallery Rocket Omotesando.
Works shown on a series of Goma Books Weekly Magazine “BONte”
2006   青山スパイラルホール 7thSICFに出展。
Works exhibited at Aoyama Spiral Hall 7thSICF.
Holds a personal exhibition at FEWMANY Shinjuku.
2007   パペットアニメーション「ステファン」のキャラクターデザイン、造形を担当。
Takes on the roll as character designer and creator for puppet animation “Stephan”